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Top international dating site

Want to find a friend or a lifetime partner, but don't know where to start? Congrats! You are at CatchMyDate , which means you are just a few steps away from making your dream come true! Fortunately, in the Internet era there is no need to travel thousands of miles away from home to meet and date people who live abroad. Just sign up, view profiles and enjoy browsing and chatting to people ready to fall head-over-heels for them. Register and give CatchMyDate a try!

Go beyond the borders in minutes

Lonely may have been a mindset for many prior to being shut inside, but even for those singles out there who wouldn’t exactly describe themselves as “longing for a lover” there was still a desire to meet someone new. How do you do that when your local dating scene is shut down and meeting for a drink has to be done without the liquid exchange?

Benefits of International Dating

Take away the ability to ring someone’s doorbell and introduce them instantly to your circle of friends and you’re left with one, beautiful thing: each other. No matter your age, your culture, your location, international dating lets you look, learn, and love. Get conversations started and make true connections through instant match algorithms so those conversations are always meaningful. When you’re ready to meet, you’ll truly know it.

Success stories

Alena & Eric

Hi there! My name is Eric. I was lucky to find my significant other here! In truth, I have always been skeptical about online dating and therefore never used such services before. But one day my friend told me his love story and recommended I register at CatchMyDate to leave my loneliness behind. So I thought, why not? I entered the site and filled in the registration form. Actually, I didn't pin my hopes on something serious, but when I saw the message from Alena... After careful thought, I decided to answer her. Alena turned out to be the woman I've been looking for my whole life! She has got guts, which I really appreciate in women. She is gorgeous, intelligent and smart with an excellent sense of humour! We chatted to each other long enough, until I understood that it's time to fix our first offline date! We met in her native country and have been together ever since!

Vera & Harry

Well, hi! I want to share my love story that started right here 5 months ago. Me and Vera met each other at CatchMyDate. For a while, we texted and just enjoyed each other's company online. Everything changed in an instant, when I decided to invite her on a joint vacation. She said yes and we spent a couple of great weeks in Morocco together! Now I am planning a trip to her country and hope that her friends will like me. Actually, I never dreamed I'd find my soulmate so easily! Thanks CatchMyDate!

Valeriia & Steven

Hello, I am Valeria from Ukraine and I want to share my success story with you! In truth, all my attempts to meet a man in my native country were futile, so over the past few years I have tried to find my soulmate overseas. During this time I browsed tons of international dating websites that promised to let love into my life, but they didn't bring anything but disappointment. One day I was recommended CatchMyDate, and this platform was my last chance to change my life. I registered, created an account and found Steven in the search results. The first time I saw Steven's profile I recognised him as the man from my dreams! I put aside all my doubts and decided to text him. He answered and we started chatting to each other several times a day! We got closer and closer, and arranged a face-to-face meet-up in Ukraine! Now we are together!